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earthy sweet spices over cognac and embers

Kościuszko is part of the Heritage collection of fragrances inspired by the true stories behind original Blocki fragrances from the early 1900s; modern fragrances with an authentic heritage.

Through creeks and fields deep in the wilderness they talked of liberty’s peasant prince to rally their spirits. Blocki created Bouquet Kosciusko in 1903 as a tribute to the legendary statesman and freedom fighter. Revolutionary aspirations reignite as the scent of brandy and smoke fade into morning sunlight rising over the grassy field at the edge of the wood.

How to pronounce Kościuszko? You're not alone in this challenge, Chief Little Turtle of the Miami nicknamed him Kotcho.

Top: bergamot, black pepper, orange bitters
Middle: Siberian fir, Swiss cognac, tobacco, gunpowder
Base: Texas cedar, vetiver, Cypress oil, musk

Perfumer: Duff Scott

Available in three sizes: 50ml, 10ml, and 1.5ml sample


Straight off, one of the best masculines of the year...The smells of wild greenery mingle with the high-end brandy of the officer’s club, and dark forest scents surround the smoky gunpowder and pops of citrus. Underneath it all is that wonderful, chewy green tobacco, so fresh and damp it feels like it was just cropped. Although I called Kosciuszko a masculine, rest assured I will be wearing this regularly, particularly in cool Spring weather. --Cafleurebon