row of vintage and modern perfume bottles
etched drawing of historic Blocki perfume building


The Civil War has ended and Blocki opens a perfumery specializing in the finest essential oils, perfumes and pomades. It is the first perfume boutique in Chicago; a palatial space said to be well worth a visit from any retailer needing a lesson in how to present fine goods.

black and white photo of 1893 world's fair columbian exposition


The World’s Fair Columbian Exposition: Blocki hosts Dr. Witt, president of the German Chemical Society and a jurist at the fair. At the turn of the century German chemists were isolating odor compounds in raw materials to create new fragrances.

drawing of 1907 patent with flower in perfume bottle


Blocki develops a novel method of placing a preserved natural flower within the perfume bottle that earns him U.S. and Canadian patents. The flower-in-the-bottle perfumes become his most popular line of fragrances.

perfumers sitting at long dining table with flower arrangements


At the annual meeting of the Manufacturing Perfumers’ Association in New York the members predict a bright future for American perfumery and elect John Blocki as first vice president. Blocki now has perfume manufacturing facilities in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto.

antique postage stamp of panama canal


Blocki is chosen to baptize a steamer taking an initial voyage through the Panama Canal to California owing to his expert experience in cracking perfume bottles for that purpose. He is one of the first US perfumers to open a trade office in South America.

sepia tone photograph of perfumer John Blocki


John Blocki is remembered as one of the country’s pioneer perfumers; a lifetime dedicated to turning out some of the highest grade perfumery made in America.

three new Blocki perfume bottles


On the 150th anniversary of the original perfumery, the Blocki family revives the perfumery and launches three new fragrances.