our story


When John Blocki began making perfumes in 1865 the American perfume industry was in its infancy. Blocki's fragrances—and his signature presentation, a real flower preserved in each bottle—captured the imagination of a new American aristocracy, one that longed to put its own imprint on luxury. The extensive fragrance and cosmetic business that resulted ran until 1950 and ended with his recognition as a pioneer American perfumer.

We can't think of a better task, or a better time, than returning to our family's perfumery roots. We are back—with Blocki's historic offering in an astonishingly modern form. The bloom and delight of nature, held still in glass, for a new imagination.

In 2015, 150 years after the original Blocki perfumery opened its doors, we introduced our first 21st century fragrances. We stray from original formulas to tell the real stories behind the brand and its history. Like the collage images we make for each perfume, our fragrances combine vintage and modern elements to create something new.

We source our ingredients from a trusted family-owned business that has been in the fragrance industry for over six decades. Sustainable ingredients like Texas and Virginia cedar and Haitian vetiver echo our family's conservationist spirit and our own dedication to ingredients of extraordinary quality. 

Our perfumes are not tested on animals and do not contain parabens, phthalates or artificial colors. 

~Tyler and Tammy Kraemer (née Blocki)