Esprit d'Amour

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Esprit d'Amour is part of the Heritage collection of fragrances inspired by the true stories behind original Blocki fragrances from the early 1900s; modern fragrances with an authentic heritage.

At the heart of the Blocki perfumery is a spirit of imagination that celebrates the bloom and delight of nature. Esprit d'Amour launched in 1916 as the magnum opus containing 27 rare natural ingredients. The popular fragrance grew into a line of cosmetics that were sold in independent women-owned boutiques. It became one of the first lifestyle brands as "the Esprit d'Amour way" took over beauty counters during the roaring 1920s. 

We remade Esprit d'Amour into a fresh, hypnotically sweet fragrance created with the same spirit of love as the original.

Top: Amalfi lemon, Calabrian bergamot, orange peel
Middle:  vibrant muguet, lavandin grosso
Base: tonka, sandalwood, ethereal musk

Perfumer: Lionel Nesbitt

Available in three sizes: 50ml, 10ml, and 1.5ml sample