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spun sugar and spices

Saharet is part of the Heritage collection of fragrances inspired by the true stories behind original Blocki fragrances from the early 1900s; modern fragrances with an authentic heritage.

The performance was spellbinding, a primal affair of shimmering silk and twirling motion. In 1908 Blocki created a perfume ode to the celebrated and mysterious Saharet. His choice of namesake was confirmed when Saharet left her Chicago millionaire/art critic husband after only a few days marriage due to his insistence that she stop dancing. Long before “Baby” this danseuse proved that ‘Nobody puts Saharet in the corner.’

The mischief of the Belle Époque theatre tempted with a whisper of powdered sugar spun into a hypnotic blend of warm spices.

Top: pink pepper, mandarin, cardamom
Middle:  Egyptian geranium, amber, cashmere
Base: green vetiver, patchouli, labdanum

Perfumer: Lionel Nesbitt

Available in three sizes: 50ml, 10ml, and 1.5ml sample



I was waiting for a big, exotic floral to careen out of the bottle like a naughty vaudeville act. But those bright notes set the stage for a more thoughtful, individualistic fragrance that avoids stereotypes....Saharet becomes sweeter and richer the longer it sits on the skin as the amber comes out, and as she takes her final bow, she softens into a velvety, sultry blend of verdant and spice notes that would work well on either sex. Unconventional, earthy and carefree, Saharet herself would, I think, be pleased. --Cafleurebon