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a cool citrus breeze transformed by warm woods

Sanrovia is part of the Heritage collection of fragrances inspired by the true stories behind original Blocki fragrances from the early 1900s; modern fragrances with an authentic heritage.

Sanrovia takes you to the dazzling shores of the Italian Riviera and the diffused sunlight of the nearby hillsides where Blocki found inspiration for a new perfume. Returning to America he introduced Sanrovia and its companion sachet La Riveria in 1911. The modern Sanrovia combines both Italian and American influence and the sun-drenched magic of natural sandalwood. Like the original, the 2018 Sanrovia may trigger fantasies of warm sunlight, rows of leafy citrus trees and the shimmering blue waters of the Mediterranean. American free spirit meets Italian chic…hang on to your hat!

Top: lemon (Italy & California), bergamot & Valencia orange
Middle: geranium, lavender, jasmine & Jacques Cartier rose
Base: labdanum, vetiver, cedar & sandalwood

Perfumer: Kevin Verspoor

Available in three sizes: 50ml, 10ml, and 1.5ml sample


The first breath is bracing in its freshness, a cool breeze through a grove of citrus, reminiscent of vintage Italianate colognes. As the perfume marries my personal chemistry, the sweet, seductive nature of jasmine embraces the citrus and herbal scents, creating a heartbreakingly beautiful warmth. There is something so familiar about this phase of the perfume – an image not fully in focus, vignettes of long-ago afternoons on sunlit hillsides or in lush meadows by the sea. --Cafleurebon
This never feels like a vintage perfume or even a Retro Nouveau. The citrus top accord is so often forgettable in most perfumes. In Sanrovia it is a bracing cool breeze. The florals cavort as if they were on holiday while the sandalwood stands to the side with stolid strength. If there is an afterlife which can see the present I have to believe John Blocki would be proud of the evolutionary heritage they have achieved. --Colognoisseur