Sanrovia - bright woody citrus

Sanrovia is part of the Heritage collection of fragrances inspired by the true stories behind original Blocki fragrances from the early 1900s.

Sanrovia takes you to the dazzling shores of the Italian Riviera and the diffused sunlight of the nearby hillsides where Blocki found inspiration for a new perfume. Returning to America he introduced Sanrovia and its companion sachet La Riveria in 1911. The modern Sanrovia combines both Italian and American influence and the sun-drenched magic of natural sandalwood. Like the original, the 2018 Sanrovia may trigger fantasies of warm sunlight, rows of leafy citrus trees and the shimmering blue waters of the Mediterranean. American free spirit meets Italian chic…hang on to your hat! 

A cool citrus breeze gives way to a unisex floral mix; and quickly drys down to a sensuous sandalwood.

Top: lemon (Italy & California), bergamot & Valencia orange

Middle: geranium, lavender, jasmine & rose

Base: labdanum, vetiver, cedar & sandalwood

Perfumer: Kevin Verspoor

$ 185.00

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