For Walks

an earthy forest violet wreathed in cool spring greens

Part of the Emma Collection of fragrances inspired by a family memoir written in 1872; For Walks takes you from the windswept shores of the Baltic Sea into the hills and forests surrounding Danzig. The meandering paths put your mind at rest; the forest is peaceful and quiet. It is there in the dappled sunlight and the cool, refreshing forest air that you hear the first larks chirp and smell the drifting fragrance of the forest. Escape to the forests of 1800s Pomerania or let for walks inspire your own wanderlust. Inhale as you gather moss, ivy, and violets to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Top: violet leaf, mint, fir needle
Middle: violet and boronia flower
Base: orris, vetiver, sandalwood and cedar

Perfumer: Kevin Verspoor

Available in three sizes: 50ml, 10ml, and 1.5ml sample