Brazilian Lily - lush fruity floral

Brazilian Lily is part of the Heritage collection of fragrances inspired by the true stories behind original Blocki fragrances from the early 1900s.

The rain stops and the sun burns through the humid haze of clouds. Green light filters through the canopy of trees. Water droplets cling to ripe fruit and delicate petals. The breeze carries the scent of lilies. Inspired by the 1903 Blocki fragrance of the same name, Brazilian Lily blends tropical florals, lush fruit, and driftwood to create an olfactive garden in full bloom.

No Brazilian Lily plants were harvested to make this perfume. It is a creative interpretation of the plant and its ecoystem.

A portion of Brazilian Lily sales benefit The Red List Project: together with our environmental conservation and consumer products partners, we initiate projects not only to raise awareness of mounting threats to the planet’s botanical diversity but also to generate funds for targeted conservation of threatened plants and the ecosystems in which they thrive.

A fruity floral fragrance

Top: red currant, neroli, bergamot

Middle: white fig and rain lily

Base: driftwood, amber, musk

Perfumer: Michelle Bruckmann

$ 185.00

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