Welcome Back Sanrovia

January 22, 2018

Welcome Back Sanrovia

We are happy to announce the launch of our fourth perfume Sanrovia on January 23, 2018.

Perfumer John Blocki was a globe-trotter with a particular fondness for Italy. His trips were so frequent and lengthy his fellow chemists joked that if he did not return to the United States soon, they would have to ask Teddy Roosevelt to send a fleet after him. Who can blame him?

These trips were where he sourced ingredients for his perfumes but they also fueled his creativity. On the dazzling shores of the Italian Riviera and in the diffused sunlight of the nearby hillsides Blocki was inspired to create a new perfume. Returning to America he introduced Sanrovia on January 23, 1911.

Unlike the chypre-style fragrances of the early 1900s with oakmoss accords, Blocki elevated a sandalwood accord in Sanrovia. This delicate sandalwood perfume became one of his most popular fragrances. To accompany Sanrovia he also introduced a sachet of powdered flowers from the blue coast of Mediterranean named La Riveria

The modern Sanrovia is borne back ceaselessly from its past combining both Italian and American influence and relenting to the sun-drenched magic of natural sandalwood. 

Like the original, the 2018 Sanrovia may trigger fantasies of warm sunlight, rows of leafy citrus trees and the shimmering blue waters of the Mediterranean.  American free spirit meets Italian chic…hang on to your hat!

Sanrovia is a combination of Italian and California lemon, bergamot and Valencia orange, oscillating between a masculine & feminine mix of lavender/geranium and jasmine/Jacques Cartier rose, and finally transformed with elusive notes of labdanum, Haitian vetiver and sensuous skin-warming Australian sandalwood.

We accelerated Sanrovia's launch to match the same day as the original, so it is available currently as a 10ml travel spray. The full size bottle will follow later this year but we suggest stocking up on the 10ml traveler now.


Top notes: Italian and California lemon, bergamot & Valencia orange

Mid notes: geranium/lavender & jasmine/Jacques Cartier rose

Base notes: labdanum, Haitian vetiver & Australian sandalwood

Perfumer: Kevin Verspoor

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